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Ancestors of Peter HAYES * and Sarah BERRY **
[West Shefford (Bromont), Quebec - 1796]

* Son of Moses HAYES and Abigail HORNE [Gateway Ancestor]

** Daughter of James BERRY and Bethany ALLARD
[West Shefford (Bromont), Quebec - 1795]

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Ancestor Summary - Peter HAYES & Sarah BERRY [West Shefford (Bromont), Quebec - 1796]

Includes "Gateway Ancestor" with Early New England Ancestors, Magna Carta Links and Royal Ancestors ...

Hayes Family Line (back to New England c.1680 & Lower Canada 1796)

Berry Family Line (back to New England c.1631 & Lower Canada 1795)

Early Voyages to New England (1600's)

Images of the type of sailing vessels used to cross the Atlantic Ocean in the 1600's.

Garrison House, Dover, New Hampshire (c. 1675)

An example of an early New England family home that was also used as a Garrison House for protection against attacks from Native American Indian tribes.

Samuel Hayes & his wife Leah Damm lived in this Garrison House from 1740 to 1770. Samuel was a son of John Hayes the emigrant [Dover, N.H. c.1680]. The house was built by Leah’s father - William Damm.

Early Settlers, Eastern Townships, Lower Canada (1790's)

An image of an early settler's home with a description of the challenges that they faced.

Early Towns & Communities in North America

The early pioneer settlers built the first homesteads, schools, churches, businesses, towns, roads, bridges ...

Early Transportation by Stagecoach

As soon as roads were built and well enough developed - horse drawn stagecoaches were used to transport passengers, mail and goods between towns and across regions.

Olympic Flame - Vancouver Winter Olympic Games 2010

Leading up to the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games – the Olympic Torch Relay started on October 30, 2009 in Victoria, British Columbia – as day one of the 106 day journey through over 1,000 communities across Canada (including historic West Shefford (Bromont), Magog and Saint-Lin-Laurentides, Quebec).

Kings & Queens of England

Kings & Queens of Scotland

Kings of France

Kings of Burgundy

House of Savoy (Kings, Dukes & Counts)

Kings of Italy

House of Arduinici (Margraves in Italy)

House of Bosonids (Italy & France)

House of Obertenghi (Margraves in Italy)

Kings & Dukes of Bohemia (Western Czech Republic)

Holy Roman Emperors - Carolingian Dynasty

Holy Roman Emperors - Ottonian Dynasty

Holy Roman Emperors - Salian Dynasty

Holy Roman Emperors - Staufen Dynasty (Hohenstaufen Dynasty)

Notable & Famous Descendants of European Royalty

Notable and Famous Descendants include: Duchess of Cambridge; Princess of Wales; Duke of Edinburgh; The Queen Mother; British Prime Minister; Dukes in Italy; Scientist/Naturalist; Actor and Actresses; and President of the United States ...

Notable & Famous Ancestors & Cousin Links of European Royalty

Notable and Famous Ancestors & Cousin Links by Country include:
Switzerland - Lords of Grandson (Grandson Castle); de La Sarraz family (La Sarraz Castle); Counts of Gruyeres (Gruyeres Castle); Lay Abbots of St. Maurice (Abbey); Benefactor of Romainmotier (Abbey); Bishop of Lausanne (Lausanne Cathedral) ...

DNA Testing for Genealogical Research

DNA test results can provide valuable Genealogical information - as a complement to traditional Genealogical Research.

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