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Origin of Annual U.S. Thanksgiving Celebration ?

Origin of Annual U.S. Thanksgiving Celebration ?

Annual U.S. Thanksgiving Inherited from the Annual Thanksgiving Celebration in Leiden, the Netherlands ?

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"Mayflower Voyage to New England - 1620

Replica of the famous Mayflower ship - that early European Pioneer Settlers of New England sailed aboard - from England to Plymouth, Massachusetts in 1620.

"Early Voyages to New England (1600's)

Images of the type of sailing vessels used to cross the Atlantic Ocean in the 1600's.

"Founders Monuments & Bridges in New England

Memorial Monuments and Bridges have been erected in memory of the Founders of various early Towns in New England.

"Early Towns & Communities in North America

The early pioneer settlers built the first homesteads, schools, churches, businesses, towns, roads, bridges ...

"Notable & Famous Descendants of Early New England Settlers

Notable and Famous Descendants include: Founder of Eastman Kodak; Founder of the B.F. Goodrich Company; Founder of American Red Cross; First Woman to Fly Across the Atlantic Ocean; Inventors; Architect; Authors; Poet; Playwright; Actors & Actresses; Colonial and State Governors of Connecticut, Massachusetts & Vermont; Signers of U.S. Declaration of Independence; and Presidents of the United States; Princess of Wales; Duke of Cambridge ...
A popular current term for this is “Notable Kin”.

DNA Testing for Genealogical Research

DNA test results can provide valuable Genealogical information - as a complement to traditional Genealogical Research.

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