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Founders Monuments & Bridges in New England

Memorial Monuments and Bridges have been erected in memory of the Founders of various early Towns in New England.

Massachusetts: Cambridge, Hadley, Hingham, Nantucket Island, Newbury, Salisbury, Sudbury & Watertown

Connecticut: Hartford, Milford & Windsor

First Settlers - Cambridge, Mass.

First Settlers - Cambridge, Massachusetts

Founders - Hadley, Mass.

Founders - Hadley, Massachusetts

First Settlers - Hingham, Mass.

First Settlers - Hingham, Massachusetts

Founders Monuments - Nantucket Island

Founders Monuments - Nantucket Island

First Settlers Monument - Newbury, Mass.

First Settlers Monument - Newbury, Massachusetts

First Settlers - Salisbury, Mass.

First Settlers - Salisbury, Massachusetts

First Settlers - Sudbury, Mass.

First Settlers - Sudbury, Massachusetts

Founders Monument - Watertown, Mass.

Founders Monument - Watertown, Massachusetts

Founders Monument - Hartford, Conn.

Founders Monument - Hartford, Connecticut

Founders Bridge - Milford, Conn.

Founders Bridge - Milford, Connecticut

Founders Monument - Windsor, Conn.

Founders Monument - Windsor, Connecticut

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Notable & Famous Descendants of Early New England Settlers

Notable and Famous Descendants include: Founder of Eastman Kodak; Founder of the B.F. Goodrich Company; Founder of American Red Cross; First Woman to Fly Across the Atlantic Ocean; Inventors; Architect; Author; Playright; Actors & Actresses; Colonial and State Governors of Connecticut, Massachusetts & Vermont; Signers of U.S. Declaration of Independence; and Presidents of the United States; Princess of Wales; Duke of Cambridge ...
A popular current term for this is “Notable Kin”.

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