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"The Family Tree" & Related Discoveries

An example of some of the clues and the "Gateway Ancestors" that were found on "The Family Tree" - and some of the related research discoveries.

The Family Tree 1

The Family Tree 2 - Anne Hay of Haystoun - Gateway Ancestor

The Family Tree 3 - James Rose - Gateway Ancestor

The Family Tree 4 - William - Father of John Knox, Scottish Reformer

Hay Circular Family Tree by Louisa Lillias Forbes (1879)

Hay Cartwheel/Circular Family Tree (c. 1840)

The Family Tree 7

The Family Tree 8

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DNA Testing for Genealogical Research

DNA test results can provide valuable Genealogical information - as a complement to traditional Genealogical Research.

Kings & Queens of Scotland

Up to 1603 when James VI Stewart, King of Scotland also became James I, King of England & Ireland.

Holy Roman Emperors - Carolingian Dynasty