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Dand Ancestors and related families - Cranstoun Family Line

Cranstoun Family Crest - Dewar, Harvieston & Heriot

Cranstoun Family Crest - Dewar & Harvieston Houses - and Heriot Church

Cranstoun Family Line - Heriot Church & Cemetery

Cranstoun of Dewar & Harvieston family burial plot - Heriot Cemetery (South East of Edinburgh)

Cranstoun family portraits - Young Trotter & Jean Cranstoun

Cranstoun family portraits - Young Trotter (1768-1841) & Jean Cranstoun (1769-1851)

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Clan Gathering - Edinburgh, Scotland 2009

In July - the City of Edinburgh hosted the “world’s largest” Clan Gathering celebration for all the Scottish Family Clans with 47,000 people attending from around the world. The main venue was in Holyrood Park beside Holyrood Palace: - 100 Clan Tents, 75 Clan Chiefs, Highland Games, Scottish Food, Scottish Music, Bag Pipe Bands, Scottish Whisky, …
Other events/activities included an emotional Clan Parade up the “Royal Mile” (from Holyrood Palace to Edinburgh Castle – with Pipe Bands, 8,000 participants and 20,000 spectators) - this was followed by an entertaining show on the History of the Clans.

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