Ancestor Links - Hayes and related families

Ancestor Links Hayes and related families

Welcome to the Ancestor Links - HAYES and related families - genealogy data section of my website.

This section includes: Family & Ancestor Links with Scotland and England (15th to 19th Century).
Plus over 70 early New England Settlers (17th Century) and 10 early Lower Canada Settlers (18th to early 19th Century).

NEW 2015 Hayes-Horne Ancestor Summary
NEW 2018 Ancestor Chart for Peter Hayes [West Shefford (Bromont), Que. - 1796]
"Gateway Ancestor" added with Early New England Ancestors, Magna Carta Links and Royal Ancestors ...

These web pages will be updated from time to time - as they are all part of an in-process family genealogy - that is being updated as new information is uncovered.
General and research notes have been added for certain individuals. In addition, "To Do" research notes have been added where further research is needed.
Please let me know if you come across information that is not correct and/or if you have information (supported by sources) that would help add known information to these web pages (such as information for additional siblings, spouses and ancestors).
There is a wealth of further background information included in the sources that have been cited - especially in the published family specific genealogy sources.

Table of Contents

bullet  Ancestors of Harrison Cooley HAYES CA
bullet  Surname List
bullet  Index of Names
bullet  Sources (Bibliography)
bullet  Ancestor Chart for Harrison Cooley HAYES, CA
bullet  Hayes-Horne Ancestor Summary - "Gateway Ancestor" added with Early New England Ancestors, Magna Carta Links and Royal Ancestors NEW 2015
bullet  Ancestor Chart for Peter HAYES [West Shefford (Bromont), Que. - 1796] NEW 2018
bullet  Photos and Images Section for Hayes Ancestors and related families
bullet  Photos and Images Section for Notable & Famous Descendants of Early New England Settlers
bullet  Images - HAYES & DAND Ancestors and related families (includes Kings & Emperors)
bullet  Other Historical Photos & Images grouped by theme
bullet  Photos and Images Section for Genealogy Documentary Series - Who Do You Think You Are? - for Early New England Ancestry and Early Canadian Ancestry (pre 1867 Confederation) themes

  1. Also check the In Development section of this website - which includes the new GenBooks2Trees section that presents Genealogical information from Sources - such as Published Family Genealogy Books - transformed into Dynamic Family Trees.

  2. For the few individuals with the notation "(Duplicate. See Person no.___ on Page no.___)" - the index of names does not link with their main entry - which may include general and research notes - and may actually be found on the next or previous generation web page - this is due to a Legacy 7.5 software issue.
    For example - this is the case for the index link for both Robert WHITE [Messing, Essex, England] (died 1617) and Deacon Edmund RICE [Sudbury, Mass. c.1639] (1594-1663). An alternate two step route to locate the notes for these individuals is to first click on the "S" (Spouse) or "P" (Parent) link located beside their name in the index of names and then click on the individual's name located below their spouse or as a parent beside their child.

  3. For information regarding the Ancestry of Medad Newell (born in 1741 in Hartford, Conn.) - "Possible" father or grandfather of Dr. Oliver Newell [Milton, Vermont & Cowansville, Que.] (1788-1865) Click Here.
    Includes: Early New England Ancestors, Royal Cousin Links and Royal Ancestry.

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Use the information included on this website as a finding tool, just as you would with any other secondary source.
Always confirm genealogical information with primary and/or published sources.

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