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Hayes Ancestors and related families:

Brown Family Line - back to England 16th Century & New England c.1640

First Settlers - Salisbury, Massachusetts

First Settlers - Salisbury, Massachusetts - included Henry Brown and his family

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Early Voyages to New England (1600's)

Images of the type of sailing vessels used to cross the Atlantic Ocean in the 1600's.

Early Towns & Communities in North America

The early pioneer settlers built the first homesteads, schools, churches, businesses, towns, roads, bridges ...

Garrison House, Dover, New Hampshire (c. 1675)

An example of an early New England family home that was also used as a Garrison House for protection against attacks from Native American Indian tribes.

Early Transportation by Stagecoach

As soon as roads were built and well enough developed - horse drawn stagecoaches were used to transport passengers, mail and goods between towns and across regions.

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