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This genealogy website promotes:
(1) The Multi-Family genealogy research concept.
(2) Easier access to and visibility of genealogy Source information.
(3) The practice of citing genealogy Sources.
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In support of (1) the Multi-Family genealogy research concept – the Ancestor Links - Genealogy Data section of this website contains Ancestor Links with hundreds of different families - with subsections for the HAYES, WEBB, ARCHIBALD, DAND and related families - plus additional subsections with cousin and allied family lines - DENTON & JONES/CHALMERS, DIXSON & HONEYMAN, HILLIS & MILNE, LAWRENCE, MACKENZIE & MILLER, MILES and related families. These subsections include Ancestor Links with: over 70 early New England Settlers (17th Century); 10 early Lower Canada Settlers (18th to early 19th Century); the earliest recorded ancestors for over 50 Scottish Family Clans; Holy Roman Emperors (including Charlemagne); Emperors of the Eastern Roman (Byzantine) Empire; and early Kings and Sovereigns of Scotland, England, Ireland, Wales, France, Burgundy (included Western Switzerland), Italy, Spain, Portugal, Norway, Sweden, Czech Republic (Bohemia), Hungary, Poland, Christian Kingdom of Jerusalem, and Kievan Rus (included Ukraine and Western Russia).

As a complement to the Data section - the Images section contains a collection of related photos and other historical images - including Notable and Famous Descendants and Cousin Links - plus Annual Installments for Notable Anniversaries and Special Events (2009 onward).

In support of: (2) easier access to and visibility of genealogy Source information plus (3) the practice of citing genealogy Sources – the Sources section includes lists of useful sources for genealogy research. In addition, the “Sources (Bibliography)” sections for the above mentioned Hayes, Webb, Archibald, Dand and related families subsections – include lists of source citations that support the presented genealogy information.

In addition, the “Why Genealogy ?” section provides some thoughts and suggestions/recommendations regarding this question.

Also check the “In Development” section of this website - which includes the new “GenBooks2Trees” section that presents Genealogical information from Sources - such as Published Family Genealogy Books - transformed into Dynamic Family Trees.

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